A.Yakubovich Street

The company owner has initiated the processing of returning of Yakubovich Street its historical name of - New St.Isaac’s - and submitted a request to this end to the Toponymy Committee of St. Petersburg. The street name was changed many times— over time it has been called Admiralty line, Great Street, New St.Isaak Street. From 1850 to October 6, 1923, the street bore the name New St.Isaak Street. From October 6, 1923, the street was named after the Decembrist, Yakubovich, and back then it was called simply Yakubovich Street. (Street names of our time and the past: St. Petersburg Toponymy / Full list of names for three centuries. Guide book. Version 2, reviewed and completed St. P.: Lik 1990.-288 pages)

A. I. Yakubovich. Watercolor by N. Bestuzhev, 1831 A. Yakubovich, water painting by N.Bestuzhev, 1831

Upon closer inspection of his biography Alexander Yakubovich’s personality seems to be so contradictory that it is difficult to definitively call him a hero Decembrist. Yakubovich, when planning the uprising, showed great courage but he changed his mind several times and at the last moment refused to do what he had planned—that was to arrest the royal family and take the Winter Palace. In fact he approached Nicholas and volunteered to talk the rebels out of their intentions.