New St. Isaac’s opens secret rooms

Located in the museum quarter, the former house of the Sarepta Society has many secrets to share. We would like to invite you to experience the life of the “mustard house” from the inside and to embark on a trip through time. You will climb the old staircases, explore the secret attic, discover the vaulted prayer room, and visit the modern designer offices where historical details have been carefully preserved.

We offer tours for groups of up to six people (advance booking mandatory).

Types of tour:

1) 1) Excursion quest “House of the Sarepta Society”: see the contribution made by the German colonists to the economic, scientific and cultural development of Russia in the 18th and 19th centuries.
2) 2) The “Transforming, Preserving” business excursion around the office center: learn about the renovation of this 18th century building carried out to make it suitable for modern usage as a business center.

Length of the tours: 1hr 20 minutes.

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Contacts: Valeria Semenova; +7 (911) 234-58-42