New St. Isaac's holds first private excursion

On March, 30, New St. Isaac Office Centre held the first private excursion for Karl Eugene Langerfeld, PhD in Philosophy, hereditary Sareptanian, and member of the modern fraternal community of "herrnhuters" from Herrnhut, Germany.
Karl Eugene Langerfeld’s great great grandfather was among the first 6 "colonist-herrnhuters" in Russia and participated in the process of decision-making regarding the location of the planned Sarepta colony. From 1765-66, he lived in this very house. After the excursion around New St. Isaac’s, our guest remarked that the day was one of the happiest of his life and something he had dreamed about for a long time. His dedication to his family’s history and to the brotherhood of "herrnhuters" deserves the utmost respect and appreciation. Indeed, his heritage helped him not just in his religious activity but also in his secular occupation as a historian and philosopher. Karl Eugene Langerfeld wrote a letter in support of installing a memorial plaque to the Sarepta society on the fa?ade of our building.

New St. Isaac's holds first private excursion New St. Isaac's holds first private excursion New St. Isaac's holds first private excursion

With this meeting, we have taken the first step towards creating a museum and club for friends of the Sarepta Society in St. Petersburg, and have also opened our doors to further private excursions to be led by employees of the Office Centre who are in love with the history of the building and the building itself.