A glimpse of the future: city electronic press

Some experts assert that “traditional” print media met its end five years ago. As such, and in connection with financial difficulties, the Bolshoi Gorod magazine ceased to be distributed in Saint Petersburg in May. Social networks have fundamentally changed mass media for one key reason: a person in 1971 was confronted with around 500 messages per day; these days the number is more like 5000. In response, people begin to construct communication barriers in order to preserve their sanity. Nowadays topic-oriented information has come to the fore – that means more narrowly-specialised, of course, electronic media. Among the new trends in journalism is the infographic. New St. Isaac’s will continue its subscription to the magazine Infografika and you can find an electronic archive at the following link: http://infographicsmag.ru/Arhiv-nomerov/

Over recent years, the electronic city press has gained in popularity. Так, Bolshoi Gorod is an electronic magazine dedicated to life in Moscow.

In Saint Petersburg the same role is fulfilled by the Internet magazine Bumaga. Selecting the most significant stories from the city press, Bumaga takes as its focus the niche topics and Petersburg networks that define the face of the city. That includes civil society activists and young entrepreneurs, students and young academics, environmental activists, athletes, “city-defenders”, volunteers, and many others. Bumage characterizes its readership thus: “Young people from 20-35 years of age who are interested in education and self-improvement, who share the values of the global world, and who live and plan to live in Saint Petersburg. People who soberly evaluate reality and who are ready to work to enact positive improvements to the city.”

Internet publication The Village. sits at the intersection between three cities; here you can read news from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Kiev.

Irina Rudukhina, Managing Director: “We like that these publications present positive information, in contrast to other popular alternatives in which the tone is of hopelessness and the news is one bad event after the next. In today’s world it’s very important to focus on the good. Information should improve, inspire and lend strength.”