Ice cream day at New St. Isaac’s

Whilst summer may have appeared in Petersburg in May, in June it’s disappeared again. For that reason, we at New St. Isaac’s decided to take the matter into our own hands and whip up a summer atmosphere with the help of the number one summer desert: ice cream. And so, in the courtyard on the 26 June 2014 we held a mini-festival of summer sweet treats for tenants.

Ice cream day at New St. Isaac’s

Sweetbus treated us to classic soft ice cream and crunchy cones. Everyone who whised to could also try the homemade, hand-made “Dream Ice-Cream”.

Unexpectedly in 14-degree temperatures caused by cloud cover, the sun made an appearance and it became a little warmer. No one was rushing to go anywhere and, over the course of two hours, tenants enjoyed chatting, taking photos, trying deserts, and asking about the recipes and production of the ice cream.

“Thank you for making us happy and giving us such presents. It’s very nice to get such positive news!!”

Yuliya Platonova, OOO Primekspo

“Good morning! Thank you very much for making our working weekdays a little more positive and happy :)”

Burlutskaya Darya, OOO Primekspo