What were your key moments from 2014?

In anticipation of the New Year we asked our tenants to name their most memorable moments from the outgoing year.

“All of the events which took place at the business center left absolutely no one indifferent and, each time, they created positive feelings and energy for the whole day. Personally speaking, I really liked the ‘Mustard Day’ and we were just blown away by the Ice Cream Day. And we are looking forward to seeing the yellow van with take-away food next summer! I’d like to give special mention to the presentation of the inner courtyard, which is a treat to behold in all seasons, as well as to the decoration of the New Year tree on the first floor! I’m very happy that our company is based here at New St. Isaac’s.”

Natalya Islamova

What were your key moments from 2014?

“It has to be the Ice Cream Day at New St. Isaac’s! It was a very fun day and unbelievably tasty! The ice cream celebration is connected with a wealth of memories from childhood and plethora of flavors. It was extremely pleasant to spend 15 minutes of the working summer day in the cozy courtyard, eating the quite unique basil-flavored ice cream for example. Thank you for taking care of the tenants and for this burst of summer creativity.”

Darya Burlutskaya

What were your key moments from 2014?

“This year I really liked the Ice Cream Day. It made an impression on every single employee of Gazprom Neft Middle East.”

Ekaterina Khayatina

ЧWhat were your key moments from 2014?

“I haven’t been here for long, but I remember the mustard competition most of all! That’s especially true because I won such an interesting variety of mustard seeds. You create such a pleasant atmosphere in the business center: surprises with best wishes, mandarins, a beautiful tree with original decorations, competitions, and more. Every morning I look forward to arriving, knowing that something new and miraculous is waiting.”

Tatyana Kondrasheva

What were your key moments from 2014?

“I remember how the administration of New St. Isaac’s gave us the chance to present a surprise to the general director of Primekspo, Irina Lyubina and to congratulate her on her birthday in the inner courtyard. Doing this in summer, in the summer garden, right underneath the windows of the office created a wonderful atmosphere both for the birthday girl and for the whole company.”

Anna Semenova

What were your key moments from 2014?