Wine harvest collected at New St. Isaac’s

The “garden season” may be over but New St. Isaac’s tenants continue to reap the fruits of the harvest – only this time it’s a grape harvest! From 2 to 6 September the New St. Isaac’s business center and the Caudele Wine House ran a competition for tenants.

Винный урожай собрали в «Ново-Исаакiевском»

Little bottles of wine made from card were hung from the grape vines creeping along the walls of the inner courtyard. Participants in the competition raced to correctly count the number of “bottles” of wine hanging on the vines. But there were no surprises here – when the topic is wine, women count the fastest of all! The 21 little bottles were correctly counted first by the ladies.

Винный урожай собрали в «Ново-Исаакiевском» Винный урожай собрали в «Ново-Исаакiевском»

The first among them was Tristar Investment’s Alina Yemelyanova – an exciting wine tasting for two at the Caudele Wine House was her prize. Anastasiya Plugatiyreva of Primexpo took second place and along with it a bottle of 2006/2008 Chateau Thieuley red. An Italian Negroamaro was a pleasant surprise for 3rd-placed Yuliana Fedulova, also from Primexpo. And those who didn’t manage to count all of the bottles in time didn’t go away empty handed: taking a card from the vine, participants count claim a 20% discount on the entire collection as well as a discount card valid on any day.

Винный урожай собрали в «Ново-Исаакiевском»