4th meeting of business centers: the rental contract

On 20 May 2013 the 4th meeting of Saint Petersburg business centers took place in the “Avantage” business center.

Amongst the participants were: New St. Isaac’s, Alia Tempora, Tempo, Vorontsov, Baltiskiy Business Center, Tusar, Quattro Corti, and others.

The event began with a tour of the office building. Participants were told of how the building was transformed from a factory manufacturing abrasive materials into a class B business center and they learnt the secret of its name. The guests viewed a series of the planned renovation solutions to be used in complex areas, they climbed up to the panorama balcony, and they evaluated the interesting adaptation of the square whilst enjoying coffee.

After the tour of the building, an open discussion on the topic: “The rental agreement, aka foresee everything! Findings and real-life examples.”
During the discussion the following questions were raised:

• Is it worth foreseeing sub-letting in rental agreements and what could the consequences be for the renter?
• Punitive sanctions and all of their varieties. Pluses and minuses of the “mirror principal”.
• Does the tenant bear responsibility for his/her guests?
• Does owner responsibility apply in connection with the 1 June 2013 ban on smoking?
• How does F3 No.416 “On water supply and water disposal” reflect on owners?
• Should the owner be held responsible in the case of non-payment of tenants’ communal charges that is the fault of a third party?
• All of the varieties of property insurance for tenants and the responsibilities of third parties.

The 5th meeting of business centers will take place in September. The site and topic of the meeting will be chosen in due time. If you have not received an invitation to our previous meetings but would like to do so, please send an e-mail request to: Valeria Semenova, vs@novo-isaak.ru

We would like to remind you that the meetings of business centers started off as the result of an initiative by the New St. Isaac’s Office Center. The first meeting took place on 4 October 2012 at New St. Isaac’s. Participants in that inaugural edition supported the idea to make the meetings regular and thematic.

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