New St. Isaac’s in detail: network solutions ready!

New network infrastructure awaits all incoming New St. Isaac’s tenants. According to the new set-up, each working station will be equipped with two 220V and two network sockets. This means that work stations will already be connected when new employees arrive, significantly reducing the time needed to start working, as well as related moving expenses. The idea of renting out offices pre-equipped with working network infrastructure was suggested by one of New St. Isaak’s tenants some years ago.

The entire structured cabling system has already been installed in the northern room of the office, together with two (one reserve) Daikin and Lessar air conditioners with winter modes. In line with the Russian Fire Code of 25/04/2012, fireproof doors with i30-level fire resistance have been fitted in the server area. These doors can halt the spread of fire for up to 30 minutes.

Of the new tenants, Tbricks, Gazpromneft, Middle East B.V., Tristar Investment and others already have the new network set-up.

“A low voltage network and computer sockets is just as essential as a conditioner and 24/7 security,” commented Aleksei Dukhnyakov, Tbricks AB office manager.

“All of the offices in the business center are equipped with a structured cabling system, which uses B category UTP cables. In connection with the wishes of Tbricks to ensure interference immunity, we laid shielded cable in order to avoid any potential loss of signal,” explained New St. Isaac’s Technical Director, Igor Podubniy.

Tenants would have had to invest a large amount of time, energy and 30,000 Rubles in order to equip the office with 40-50 sockets – equal to 20 workplaces. As such, it is very advantageous in terms of time, finances, and effort to have a ready-to-go network solution.

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