Business centers solve legal questions

On 27 May, 2014 New St. Isaac’s chaired the 6th meeting of St. Petersburg business centers in which Tusar, Vorontsov, Markus, Al’yans, Gayot, Destion, and other local business took part.

Business centers solve legal questions

The meeting took place at the welcoming Tusar business center and a discussion dedicated to the legal aspects of the business center industry took place after a tour of the facilities. In addition to managing directors, rental managers, and lawyers, Anastasiya Kolenova – a lawyer from the Pepeliaev Group – also participated. Participants in the meeting were able to share experience and profit from expert answers to the following questions (and many more):

1 How can I officially dissolve a problematic rental agreement with tenants that disappear without paying?
2 How should I deal with debtors?
3 What penalties should I employ?
4 What should I do with the property of a tenant that has disappeared?
5 What kind of mutual obligations between tenant and landlord are set-out in the rental contract?

Business centers solve legal questions

“I was left with a very positive impression of the meeting of managing directors. Meeting Anastasiya Kolenova from the Pepeliaev Group helped me to get to grips with the finer points of legal relationships involving experienced tenants. I was especially impressed with the genuinely friendly atmosphere of the meeting and the relaxed interactions. Such an exchange of opinions and experience among potential competitors really speaks to the manifest interest of participants in perfecting their work.” Olga Ekkerman, managing director, Vorontsov business center.

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Business centers solve legal questions Business centers solve legal questions

The 7th meeting of business centers will take place in September 2014. The topic of the discussion will be “Events for tenants: celebrations, congratulations, etc.” If you have not received an invitation to our previous meetings but would like to do so, please send an e-mail request to: Valeria Semenova,