A trip to Old Sarepta

From 23 until 27 October the administration of New St. Isaac’s undertook a trip to the Old Sarepta Memorial Museum, located in Volgograd. Sarepta is closely connected with the history of house number 24 on Yakubovych Street, as the building was formerly home to the Sarepta Society and the economic epicentre of the Society’s activities in the capital.

A trip to Old Sarepta

Andrei Vitalevich Kuriyshev, candidate of historical sciences, Deputy Director of Scientific Work at the ГБУК ИЭиА Old Sarepta Memorial Museum.

Viktor Nikolaevich Medvedev, Head of the Department for History and Ethnography at the State Budget Institute of Culture, “Historical-ethnographic and Architectural Memorial Museum ‘Old Sarepta’”.

IrinaRudukhina, Managing Director, New St. Isaac’s

Irina Rudukhina:
«We spent these few days within the grounds of the museum, in the guest quarters that belong to the pastor of the Sarepta Church. As a result we became completely immersed in the atmosphere of Sarepta. Our acquaintance began with a guided tour of the Church grounds from the XVIII-XIX centuries, during which we looked around the Sarepta pharmacy and visited an exhibition dedicated to the industry of Sarepta between the XVIII-XIX centuries. Together with the scientific department of the museum, we were able to consult the archives for information on the House of the Sarepta Society. It didn’t stop there though: we were even able to attend a master-class on how to bake Kreplach (rolls), held in the “Glich” caf?, which turned out to be one of the most hospitable places in Volgograd, and with some of the best food. Located within the grounds of the museum, the caf? specialises in old Sarepta recipes with unusual tastes and quality; these include: potato preserves, carrot tea, a pot with turkey and ginger priyaniki (Russian gingerbread), Sarepta Eintopf (stew), a drink made from melon seeds, etc.».

A trip to Old Sarepta A trip to Old Sarepta A trip to Old Sarepta

«In the far past, the New St. Isaac’s building was commonly known as the ‘mustard house’. Two circumstances coincided here: first, back then the building was a mustard colour; second, the Sarepta Society produced and traded the renowned Sarepta mustard. We were able to visit the only mustard factory active in Russia since 1856, which even today remains the only producer of the famous Sarepta mustard. The factory is the successor to the “Glich” mustard factory, which was known as “supplier to the court of his imperial majesty” and which was located in the grounds of the museum. Today the old building is in a state of disrepair and is awaiting financing for renovation works. In the “Tomato Sarepta” factory we were able to see the whole process of production of mustard powder, mustard, mustard oil, and even the etheric mustard oil! Right then we decided that we absolutely had to hold a Day of Sarepta Mustard at New St. Isaac’s.».

A trip to Old Sarepta A trip to Old Sarepta A trip to Old Sarepta A trip to Old Sarepta A trip to Old Sarepta
Inspired by the trip, the administration of New St. Isaac’s has decided to write a book about the former House of the Sarepta Society from the XVIII-XXI centuries. We hope to relate not only the history of the Sarepta Society, but also the recent past of the building, including the installation of communal apartments and its subsequent redevelopment into a business centre.