New St. Isaac’s hosts three tours during Germany Week 2013

On 20 April 2013 the New St. Isaac’s office center hosted three interactive tours within the framework of the 10th Germany Week in St. Petersburg.

Those attendees who had registered in advance were taken on an adventure tour of the former home of the Sarepta Society, presented to the German “Herrnhuter” settlers by Empress Ekaterina II. Participants went on a journey through the ages, climbing the old staircases, discovering the secret loft and visiting the modern, designer offices.

The adventure tour was a game of points: by correctly answering questions participants were able to earn 10 Rouble banknotes from 1810. At the end of the tour they could then “spend” these banknotes on thematic presents at a makeshift “Sarepta market”.

Irina Rudukhina, managing director of the office center, led the tours. We sewed period dresses, worn by the lady “Herrnhuters” at the beginning of the 19th century, especially for Germany Week. The different colours of ribbon worn by the women indicated to which group they belonged: girls, unmarried women, married, and divorced. The sketches of the dresses were sent to the Museum of Old Sarepta to verify their historical accuracy.

“We were so happy that we attracted highly educated, happy and interested people. Amongst the guests were former residents of the building, who expressed their gratitude for our careful approach to the renovation and transformation process. For the members of the administration it was a non-stop day but thanks to our excellent guests, the atmosphere was just great!” comments Valeria Semenova, marketing director at New St. Isaac’s.