A plaque on the facade of New St.Isaac's

The New St.Isaac's Office Center seized the initiative to mount a memorial plaque to the Bohemian Brothers (gernguter) movement in St. Petersburg and on the front facade of the office centre.

The Bohemian Brothers (gernguters) colonists from Germany, came to Russia in 1765 having accepted an offer from Catherine II to settle in the Volga Region, where they subsequently founded the colony of Sarepta. A three-storey mansion in St. Petersburg was soon presented to the gernguters by the empress when they moved to the capital of the empire. It became the head-quarters of the Sarepta Society. The Sarepta Society House played an important role in the spiritual, cultural, and economic history of Russia and the "Northern Capital".

The project to establish a memorial plaque was supported by many museums, as well as public, and cultural organisations:

  • Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography named after Peter the Great
  • Center for German and European Studies at St. Petersburg State University
  • German Society of St. Petersburg
  • "Russian-German meeting center" fund
  • The Danish Cultural Institute
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria in Russia
  • The parish church of St. Mary
  • Museum of the History of the teaching of Karl May
  • Information Center of the German Academic Exchange Service
  • Evangelical Lutheran community of Volgograd
  • Pharmacy of Dr Pel
  • German Consulate in St. Petersburg
  • The German Gymnasium "Peterschule"

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