Radio Russia: Yakubovich or New St.Isaak Street?

In February 2011, in one of the episodes of "City Observer" on Radio Russia, the history of the title Yakubovich Street was discussed. Regional ethnographer and member of the Toponymic Comission of St. Petersburg, Alexey Yerofeev, was a guest on the programme.

In the course of the broadcast the personality of the Decembrist Yakubovich is revealed, and the hidden reasons for immortalising his name in the name of a street located in the very heart of St. Petersburg become clear. The practicability of returning the street its former historical name of "New St.Isaak Street", which it received in 1806 during the reign of Alexander I, is discussed. To the question posed by the anchor, "So, is "New St.Isaak Street" a more "St.Petersburg-esque" name?", Alexander Yerofeev replies: "absolutely."

Let us remind you, that the management of the Office Centre has initiated the process of returning Yakubovich Street its original name - New St.Isaak Street.